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Hey everyone!

It has been around four years since our last journal update! I wanted to reach out and apologize for the inactivity on my part. Our wonderful co-founder Cheapcookie has been taking care of the page these past years.

I would like to see if any of our members would be interested in an art contest. I believe it may help the inactivity and hopefully bring more awesome fan art for the community. If anyone has any further suggestions on how to rebuild our Portal community, please comment below. We would love to hear more!



HEY guys, a new journal for annonce a great contest by an other  portal group!
you should participate,it sounds really fun!

Christmas at Aperture Wallpaper Contest   ( by Th00z)

You have to make a "Christmas at Aperture" themed Wallpaper in Full HD with the aspect ratio 16:9 or 16:10 (both would be best).

DEADLINE: 16/12/2013 0:00 GMT+1

Then I'll start a poll with all the entries. You can vote for the best wallpapers.
Deadline for the voting is the 22/12/2013 0:00 GMT+1.


• 1 st place:   1k points and 3 Full HD Wallpapers*
• 2nd :  500 points and 2 Full HD Wallpapers*
•3 rd: 250 points and 1 Full HD Wallpapers*

+ a place in the next  portal wallpaper themepack

*Wallpapers are created by :iconashpodtheportalfur:


•You have to be a member of :iconaddicted2portals:
•Max. 3 entries per person, If more than one of your pics is under the top 3, only the best counts for the prices

for more information, send a note to :iconth00z:
this group is just sharing this contest~

-The Grand Prize is a trip to PAX East, game memorabilia and cash. There are prizes for Runner Up, Hot Topic and Honorable Mentions.(they'll increase the number of winners dependant on how many submission they'll receive. )
-The submission entry period is open until December 31st2013 11:59PM PST.
-The ratings period will run from January 7th, 2014 until January 28th, 2014
- winners announced on Feburary 18, 2014.

More details HERE >>…
good luck

(By the way.we should  trying to feature some drawings the next month)


Here are your winners!!

First Place: :iconkupieckorzenny: with her piece: Where did your life go so wrong by kupieckorzenny

Second Place: :iconninjabudgie411: with his piece: Portal 3: Aftermath by Ninjabudgie411

Third Place: :iconthegreatestomelette: with her piece: Project Space: Portal 3 Contest Entry by TheGreatestOmelette

Thank you everyone who participated and put effort into this! It was a blast seeing all of the entries!

Until next time!




Please take a moment to vote for the entry you think should win! The voting period ends Saturday July 13th. Thank you for all the entries!


:bulletorange::bulletblue: Portal 2 Updates :bulletblue::bulletorange:

I just want to introduce myself as the new Founder of this wonderful group! Thank you Soudius for inviting my self along with Cheapcookie DreamForecast and wilmott to be the new


There will not be any major changes with the group but I wanted to let everyone know who I am and what will be coming up in the future! As you can see from all the admins, we are huge fans of

Portal... my goal is to inspire all of you to create more amazing Portal Art. That being said, we will be hosting a CONTEST! The theme of the contest will be...


:star:   Portal 3   :star:

What happened next?

The concept is to draw the aftermath of Portal 2. Introduce to us what you think should and could happen in the portal fandom. For this contest I encourage you to include multiple members of Portal

but it's not required. Just be creative about it!

Please keep your submissions appropriate or they will not be accepted.

Here are some ideas: Chell Returning to Aperture, The world after Portal, Aperture without Chell, etc.

If you have something in mind lets see it!

:bulletblue: RULES :bulletblue:

You must be a member of the group to enter
You can have up to ONE entry. It must look like time was put into it and that you tried. No sketches or half finished work.
Your submission must be FOR the contest. It can not be previous art work that you created before the contest.
One or more characters MUST be included in the submission.
All entries Must Be Submitted in the Contest section.

:bulletorange: Prizes :bulletorange:

1st place

Your Contest Entry in the Featured Folder for 1 month
A Feature on the groups homepage
A Digital Colored Bust of a Portal Character of your choice with a basic background from DestinyJade
A Digital Colored Full Body of a Portal Character of your choice from Cheapcookie
500 Points

2nd place

A Feature on the groups homepage
A Digital Colored Bust of a Portal Character of your choice from DreamForecast
A Digital Colored Head Shot of a Portal Character of your choice from Cheapcookie
250 points

3rd Place

A Feature on the groups homepage
A Digital Colored Bust of a Portal Character of your choice from wilmott
A sketch of a Portal Character of your choice from Cheapcookie
150 points

The deadline of this contest is July 1st. If any of you have any questions post them here or note the club.

Thank you for your time! I can not WAIT to see the submissions!

If any of you have any suggestions for this group please send a note!

Your Founder,



:bulletorange::bulletblue: Hi there, :bulletblue::bulletorange:

After some consideration I choose 3 Admins which are:
wilmott Cheapcookie and DreamForecast

Your new founder will be DestinyJade

Congratulations :)

Please get along well, a last Goodbye and good luck from me :)

Portal 2 official Homepage:

:bulletorange: KLICK :bulletorange:

Feel free to join and upload  :D
:bulletorange::bulletblue: Your Founder :bulletblue::bulletorange:


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